Protection against UV rays, keeping your house cool in summer and warm in winter, while still having a view.


Used for commercial and residential applications. Diminishes glare and reflections on your windows. Reduce energy loss from heating and cooling by up to 40% by insulating your windows. Keeps out 99% of harmful UV rays, in essence, protecting curtains, furniture and flooring. Retains 94% of radioactive heat inside during winter. Can reduce the inside temperature by up to 5 °C in summer. Safety aspect – in case of glass breakage the film keeps the glass shards together. Makes your windows less sensitive to condensation. The film ensures a natural colour. Provides increased comfort in your home and office.

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Give your home it’s own identity with your own custom designed house number.

Custom House Number

Create your own house number with either Aluminium Brushed Steel or Clear Perspex, installed with 4 or 6 Round Aluminium Studs.

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Creative privacy for doors or windows with a sandblast effect, using frosted vinyl.

Frosted Vinyl

Create any design you want for your front door, punch out, add a border or leave it solid. Also used for kitchens or bathroom windows to add privacy.

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Create any design you want using vinyl wall art or cover your wall with high quality full colour printed wall paper.

Printed Wallpaper

Decorate focus walls with any custom designed wall paper, design is like paint, except the paint never dries.

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wall clocks & canvas

Customize any room with our custom designed wall clocks and canvas prints. Add additional vinyl art to cupboards to give it a whole new look.

Home & Decor

Where Creativity knows no limits. Use vinyl to create a different look to old furniture. Capture memories on canvas to showcase them on your walls.

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Customize old wall tiles with any custom designed vinyl, to create a whole new room, without the mess.

Printed Tile Stickers

Use these vinyl art on tables, wall tiles, glass counters, anywhere you like!

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